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  • History of Thanksgiving

    Who is really to thank for Thanksgiving? The Pilgrims (Plymouth colonists) and the Wampanoag Indians or Abraham Lincoln? The “autumn feast” was first shared in 1621 amongst the colonists and the indians, however it hadn’t become an official holiday until Lincoln declared it to be in 1863.

    Over two hundred years before it became an official holiday, Thanksgiving began with a small ship called the Mayflower. The 102 religious passengers of the Mayflower left Plymouth, England to seek free practice of their faith. Other passengers were drawn to the promise of prosperity and land ownership in the New World. After 66 days of travel, the Pilgrims, as we call them today, dropped an anchor near Cape Cod. A little over a month later, they finally settled in the Massachusetts Bay.

    When they arrived at the village of the Massachusetts Bay, a brutal winter came.. forcing most of the colonists to stay on the ship. Here, many died of disease, only half of them survived to see the upcoming spring. In early March, the surviving settlers were greeted by an Abenaki Indian. Days later, the settlers were introduced to Squanto, who had arrived by the Abenaki Indian’s side. This was really a miracle for the settlers who were weakened by malnutrition and illness. Squanto taught them how to hunt, fish, cook, and most of all survive.

    In their response to the first successful corn harvest, the governor William Bradford threw a feast and invited Native American allies. This became America’s first Thanksgiving, and would continue to be a celebrated by many people.

    As many people wouldn’t expect nowadays, the first Thanksgivings didn’t include a meal full of turkey, pies, mashed taters, or noodles. Instead, lobster, swan, and seals were offered amongst the gathering.

    While you enjoy the time to sleep in, visit family, and enjoy great food over this Thanksgiving break.. Be sure to remind yourself of something you are truly thankful for. The simple things we take for granted nowadays, were big reasons to celebrate back then. Who knew an entire holiday would be established over the flourishment of corn?

  • Water Fountain

    The ACHS Student Council has purchased a new Elkay ezH2O water bottle filling station located near the library. It was installed at the beginning of November. The filling station keeps track of and displays the number of 20 oz. plastic water bottles saved. Students have said that it helps a lot, especially for basketball players who need to fill up their bottles before and during practices. The filling station is more efficient than the old fountain making it easier to fill up water bottles in between classes.

    The Elkay company has been in business since 1920. According to the Elkay website, the filling stations were introduced in 2010 and gained popularity for their ability to reduce plastic bottle waste headed for landfills.