Stephen Berg is attending the IMEA Fall Festival. The festival is Thursday the 26th through Saturday the 28th. Stephen is departing for Peoria Wednesday night. To qualify for All State, Stephen had to get the first chair of the District 5 Band. District 5 Band tryouts were at Effingham High School. Mentionable schools in the district are Effingham, T-Town, St. Anthony, Vandalia, and Neoga. During the first day, Thursday, Stephen will be playing on his own in front of three judges. He will have to play random scales and cite read music all which he has not seen before. The judges will be behind a one way mirror so Stephen will not be able to see them. After all of the players have played, they will be ranked by chairs with the first chair being the best player. There are two bands; All State being the best band and the honor band being the second best band. Stephen plays the Baritone Saxophone and only two Baritone Saxophones make it in the All State Band. Stephen got first chair in the Honor Band last year making him the third best Baritone Saxophone player in the state. On Friday, the bands will practice their music for the concert Saturday. Stephen said his goal is to move up chair rankings and to have fun.