The 2017-2018 cheerleading team has many new members, including multiple freshmen. The expectations for our team are very high and we are already meeting them while working together as a team. We have our main stunt groups mostly together and are beginning to learn the school song and are also doing conditioning to get ourselves ready for the season.

All of the new girls are proving themselves and doing amazing! Past cheerleaders are back and better than ever! I can only see good things coming out of our season already and I can’t wait for the basketball season to begin so we can show everyone what we’ve been working so hard on.

We are all very excited for basketball season to come and ready to cheer our boys on to many victories! The cheerleaders this year are Josie Tedrick, Josie Hames, Morgan Poe, Kendall Schultz and Emma Simmons (all freshmen), Hannah Barns and Anna Koberlein (sophomores), Ally Hall, Jayci Quast, Adela Flach and Courtney Rhodes (juniors) and Paige Miller, Morgan Phillips and Natatia Starnes (seniors).

Our main flyers are Paige Miller, Adela Flach and Morgan Poe. Our main backspots are Ally Hall, Josie Tedrick and Hannah Barns. Our main bases are Natatia Starnes, Josie Hames, Morgan Phillips and Anna Koberlein. Finally our secondary bases are Jayci Quast, Courtney Rhodes, Emma Simmons and Kendall Schultz. We wish our 2017-2018 cheerleaders the best of luck and success this coming season!