Ryan Armstrong is the athlete of the year. This was voted on by 40 students of ACHS approximately 10 from each grade. He made a great accomplishment in basketball this year by setting the school’s scoring record.

“Winning regionals and the moment with my dad when I broke the record,” he said when asked about his favorite memory from basketball. He was not only in basketball throughout high school. His freshman year he played baseball. He said that he likes basketball because of the speed of the game. He likes Friday night games and home games when it is packed and loud.

Armstrong set the record with 1,690 points this year. He beat the previous record of 1,449 points from 1949 by Elden Burrow. Since the late Mr. Burrow had no immediate family in the area, Mrs. Charlotte Brauer, wife of the late Ken Brauer, was at the game when Ryan broke the school record. She was there to present the basketball and "pass on the torch" to the new record holder. Ken Brauer was a teammate to Elden Burrow, and Brauer was also the first ACHS player to break 1,000 points in 1948.

These are some official stats for Ryan's high school basketball career: Ryan scored 579 of 1332 baskets from the field which averaged 45 percent made, Ryan scored 375 or 495 baskets from the free throw line which averaged 76 percent, and  He scored 124 of 337 baskets from outside the three point arc which averaged 37 percent. Ryan averaged 17.3 points per game and scored a high of 35 points in one game against Nokomis, during the Regional Final game in 2015.