The near year brings new opportunities for many people. Opportunities to do good and opportunities to do bad, such is the case for Youtube star Logan Paul. Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul have had many controversies last year and some hoped that there would be a change in their behavior for at least a couple days in the new year. The award goes to the oldest Paul brother for starting the controversies in this new year.

On January 2nd the world awakened to see a new video by the Youtube famous Logan Paul. The video featured Logan and group of friends visiting Japan’s Aokigahara forest, which is more commonly known across the world as the infamous suicide forest. To state this is not the first time youtubers have gone into the forest for the thrill or the fame. The issue that’s arising with Logan is the fact that he actually found a dead body this time and to make matters worse he only blurred the face.

The blurring of the image is just one of the many things people are upset about, the fact that he even decided to post the video in the first place enraged people. He did put a disclaimer on the video, but that falls flat when the thumbnail has the image of the dead body hanging from the tree with Logan standing next to it.

Another thing that upset people about Paul’s video is the way he acted during the video, laughing and trying to keep a smile. This is where I must disagree with the crowd of people. When you are put in a traumatizing experience like finding a suicide victim you don’t know how you are going to act. Sometimes your mind tries to force something funny to combat the dreary feeling of what you are going through. I am in no way defending what he did. My personal opinion is that he shouldn’t have even posted the video in the first place. But with how he reacted  I feel like he shouldn’t be hated for that because if you watch the video you can clearly see this is a traumatizing thing.

Away from Logan Paul people are angry at Youtube for allowing the video to go up and even for it appearing on the trending page before Logan Paul took it down. With Youtube the way it is now quickly demonetizing videos and taking them down it was crazy to some people that it seemed Logan Paul was an exception to these strict guidelines.

With Logan Paul being Youtube’s new golden child bringing in the site a steady stream of revenue it’s no surprise that he would get a free pass from this. The fact that Logan Paul took down the video himself with no push from Youtube tells you how they operate.

Logan has since apologized twice for is actions, once on twitter and a second and more scenery time on Youtube. He even demonetized his own video as to not gain any profits from his public apology. He even told his fans who have been defending him online to stop. He admits that what he did was inexcusable. He apologized to his viewers and most importantly he apologized to the family of the man he found.

So where does this leave Logan Paul’s rising career? Does this send his growing media empire tumbling down? No, not really. As the case with the media cycle and the world as it is someone else will gain the hatred of the world for a couple days and this speed bump in Paul’s career will be forgotten. Let’s hope though that Logan doesn’t forget this, and that he learns from what has happened. He has public stated how he’s taking some time to reflect on what he’s done and to hopefully improve who is as a person. I for one hope he finds what he’s looking for with his time away from the platform and to come back a better person.