As a kid, I believed a lot. I believed in Santa until I was 5 when I caught my mom trying to quickly hide Christmas gifts in her closet. I never believed in the Easter bunny, because I didn’t like any animal at all at that time in my life. I believed that New Year’s was a time of redemption, and what you did last year was all forgiven.

I believed that people were only mean because they are jealous of what you have and they want it. I believed in Krampus, Saint Nicholas’s sidekick. The legend goes that while St. Nicholas brought the good children gifts, Krampus would give beatings, kidnap the children, and bringing them to his underworld lair to live there for a year as punishment. I was a weird child. Don’t judge me.

I believed in the tooth fairy. I sleep like a dead person, so I really don’t feel a thing. I figured out the tooth fairy was fake when I felt my mom lift my head to place money under my pillow when I was 6. I remember feeling very disappointed, but it was ok, because mom bought me ice cream to make me feel better.

The biggest lie that I remember believing was “If you just tell the truth, you won’t get in trouble.” Everyone remembers this one. That was the biggest lie you could ever make a child believe. You still got in trouble even if you told the truth. If you had siblings like mine, they would get you in trouble to make them look like the good kids, so if they did anything, they either got a slap on the wrist, or a “it’s ok. Just know better next time.” and they would smirk at you as they walked past.