Last night was the Student Council spring workshop in Newton, Illinois. We left the school at 4PM and arrived at Newton Community High School around 5:50. When we arrived, we all convened in the auditorium. Since all schools who were going (Fairfield, Windsor, Teutopolis, Altamont, Cumberland) arrived before the initial start time at 6:05, Newton began with a little warm up. They had us in teams of 13 do a rug race where there were 6 rugs on each side of the stage. To win the race, you had to have two feet on a rug at each time. If you stepped off, you had to restart. We had a guest speaker after this who used to be a former president of Newton Student Council and is now president of her college sorority. She gave a list of values that mean something to us. We chose ten values and wrote one on each of the 10 notecards. We then had to choose the ones that we would be ok with losing and tear that notecard in half. For me in particular, this was extremely hard. It felt like I was ripping up part of myself. We stopped when we had 4 left. Those mean the most to us and help us make our decision.

We then split up into our 6 groups. While in the gym, we had a ball by each cone. When you had the ball, you had to say your name, what school you went to, your role in Student Council, and what year you are in school. When that was done, you went on to round 2. In this round, you had to pass the ball around without saying anything and couldn’t hand it off to the person next to you. When that was done, you opened your folder and went to the different rooms either upstairs or downstairs.

The first game my group did was Salt and Pepper. You had a certain character taped to your back, but you don’t know who you were. You then had to find your match somewhere in the room. You ask questions and the person you asked could only answer with “yes” or “no.” The next game we played was a repetition game. You had to say the word “ha” and the next person next to you had to add another “ha.”

The third game we played was the egg race. The 4 volunteers had to walk certain ways while the rest got to walk normally. One person had to walk short and one had to walk like a duck. The other two had to walk backwards. This was a timed race.

The last race we did was another egg race. We had to go through up, under, up, under, and so on. Once it got to the back of the line, that person had to sprint down to the other end and drop it in the bucket and sprint back down to the side where the bucket of eggs were. Then they became the front of the line.

Around 6:50, pizza arrived and those on district board had to quickly get their food and attend their meeting. The rest of us ate and some played the pterodactyl game. The workshop came to a close around 7:30.