Two paper nameplates, one fine and fancy lamp, two co-executive directors, an unpaid secretary, and an absolute load of creativity. The image I just finessed into your mind is that of the Department of Creativity. In case you, the reader, do not understand the role that the Department of Creativity fills in the class of Journalism, then imagine it like this: the class itself is the body and the Department of Creativity is the brain that is full of every great idea conceivable.

Let me tell you a little something about the department. It all started on the idea that all creativity was created equal, and that no idea should be repressed by any particularly cynical person. Two great men came together to form their own section of the class that became the well-oiled machine of the Department of Creativity. The department consists of more than two people, but the main two masterminds behind this are Dr. Jacob Crow and Steven Bain XXXIII, both co-executive directors. We have other members, such as our unpaid yet ever so loyal secretary, Brooke Stuckemeyer, and our Public Relations Agent, Nelly.

The Department of Creativity does many things to give back to the community. It offers comedic relief for those tough days that make you feel down in the dumps and a safe haven for those gifted with the creative juices that flood their veins. It both consumes and produces the dankest of memes. Imagine us as a pristine spring: a vast source of succulent creativity that any lesser person may seek refuge from the dull world.

It is, however, the last few days of the department. Both co-executive directors will be retiring by the end of the year and it will be left to our secretary. Nelly’s whereabouts are unknown. The only traces were left in the final “Dear Nelly.” The secretary will have to fend for herself as she manages as the sole executive director. The parting words of the department are not words at all, rather they are memes of the dankest quality. May the memes be with you.